How WE Are Different



We are asked this question often because most patients come to us after searching from doctor to doctor for solutions to their health problems. While the answer can be quite involved our short answer re “How WE are different” is:

We improve a patient’s constitutional well being by treating health imbalances and teaming up with our patients to solve your health problems at the source. We do this by extensively educating you about your health status using an array of functional medicine tests to identify core imbalances and cross reference these with genetic testing, brain electrical testing, and any number of other standard and alternative diagnostic tools on a case-to-case basis to help you understand your health puzzle fully! 

Regardless of any diagnoses you have been given, past or present… There is a next-level explanation WE would love to show you!

Essentially… IF what you seek is to fully understand your health imbalances in the context of advanced medical, nutritional, and genetic testing and you wish to have those details explained fully in the context of your entire health circumstances, you are teaming up with the right clinic. In fact, our team is  known nationally for our efforts to educate patients via informative videos, group patient interactions, and video-conference seminars

What determines the type of treatment I receive?

Experience is the most reliable guide, and the litmus test of where to begin lies in addressing what is unique about you. Every treatment plan needs to be individualized. Not one size fits all. Not one diagnosis fits all. Every patient is unique, therefore the type of treatment we offer is highly individualized. 

While our Precision Medicine program with group education is the crown jewel of our practice, we recognize it is also a significant investment in time and resources. Therefore our doctors make themselves available for 30 to 60 minute paid consultations to discuss your case prior to enrolling if needed and/or desired. Experience has taught that many perspective patients have been through quite a lot and may need to to speak directly with one of our doctors prior to deciding to work with us. Just know we are here to help if possible and we have a proven track record of helping ‘tough patients’ get their lives back. 

To learn more about our Precision Medicine program OR  to schedule a consultation with one of our doctors, please call Lili Boggess at 734-929-2696 ext 11. We are here to help you and look forward to hearing from you soon.

What WE Do

Our practice specializes in a ‘Precision’ approach to functional and restorative medicine. We are known nationally for our education-based programs, Medical-Dental-Wellness collaboration, and our genetic-based approach to perplexing health problems in children and adults of all ages. We are also known for our anti-aging/preventative medicine programs, and our work with special-needs children and families impacted by neurodevelopmental disorders. 

The keystone to our center’s approach is utilizing both Conventional AND Integrative Medicine to the best of our ability and to avoid basing clinical decisions entirely on a patient’s prevailing diagnoses. As a functional and alternative medicine clinic, our repertoire is notably broader than many other medical clinics so we can lay more on the table so-to-speak to look deeper for answers. We see ourselves as advocates and custodians, but ultimately it is the body that hails as the greatest healer once we discover together what is needed.

As a functional medicine practice, our main objective is not to prescribe medications, yet we can and do use medications when necessary. However, we will not sweep your problems under the drug rug, and we’ll work diligently with you to find the underlying imbalances using advanced diagnostics and genetic testing. Once identified, we might address your imbalances with nutritional supplements, lifestyle coaching, acupuncture, bioenergetics, hyperbaric oxygen, detoxification, neurofeedback, or any number of other options available to us.

If you have any further questions related to how we might be able to assist you, please do not hesitate to call us OR schedule a meet and greet consult with one of our doctors. We are hear to help and look forward to hearing from you soon!

"Naturally Balanced" Medicine

Conventional Medicine and Functional/Complimentary Medicine are two distinct approaches to illness and health. Integrative Medicine, combines them, and in our opinion is the most ‘Naturally Balanced’ approach to patients.

Conventional Medicine: Focuses on treating symptoms and restoring health using life-sustaining medicines. Also employs surgery and other procedures, which are often lifesaving measures. Treatments are based on the knowledge of reducible body parts, organ systems, physiological machinery, and biochemical reactions, as opposed to a dynamic human being. While many conventional physicians themselves may understand the human-being in total, conventional medicine simply lacks the tools to address the whole person as such.

Clearly, this approach is best for rescuing a person from acute, hard-hitting disease and emergency or traumatic situations.

Functional/Complimentary Medicine: Seeks to better address the patient in total. This paradigm emphasizes nutritional, emotional, and bioenergetic balance, and its approach is more in line with natural laws that promote total health and well-being. Furthermore, many treatments attempt to address the underlying cause of illness. As such symptoms (however clinically important) are approached carefully and seen as an opportunity to locate problems, which may potentially be corrected with lifestyle changes, balancing of energies, and natural/nutritional remedies. Any strategy offered is meant to support the body’s ability to heal itself and to root out imbalances at the source and prevent clinical disease; sometimes offering patients fundamental and long-term solutions to their problems.

Clearly, this approach is superior for some chronic illnesses, prevention, and the overall health and well being of patients.

Integrative: Appreciates and utilizes both approaches under appropriate circumstances. Requires a conventionally trained physician motivated to understand both paradigms and remains up-to-date in both clinical schools of thought.  It is often said in conventional medicine if you can’t see it, test it, touch it or remove it, then it’s idiopathic, psychosomatic or otherwise not explainable. Strictly conventional medicine has limited value in such cases. However physicians, also open to other paradigms will seek to identify the origin of imbalance and address subtle clinical findings more thoroughly thereby partnering with patients to achieve overall health and healing where possible.

Clearly, the combination of both Conventional and Functional/Complimentary strategies, and knowing when to apply each, is the most ‘Naturally Balanced’ way to approach many patients.

Why aren't there more of us?

While the number of physicians who utilize Integrative Medicine is growing, it’s not nearly as widespread as one would expect given the excellent outcomes to perplexing problems we observe daily. The truth is despite the growing push in this direction; medicine-at-large is slow to embrace it. The requirements for doubly blind, placebo controlled studies to prove it’s significance is misinformed given functional medicine itself is highly individualized. Also, it seems pharmaceutical companies prevent medicine from evolving in a more natural direction and stands as perhaps the single greatest force behind treating symptoms with drugs. While newer medications are hailed deservedly for saving lives, they are often over marketed and over used as first line, when there are plenty of gentle, effective, and less aggressive things to try first. It is important to understand as consumers that drug companies lose billions with even the slightest change in perspective and that’s why their hold on patients, doctors, medical education, regulatory agencies, and even high level government and law makers is a “strong hold.”

Conditions WE Treat 

Our clinicians and doctors have been offering integrative medical services and programs in Ann Arbor for over 10 years. Most notably, we are known for our comprehensive Precision Medicine program which attracts patient from around the country to our office. While we invite you to learn more about this program; depending on the reason you are seeking our help, it might be more comprehensive and extensive than needed. Also this program with Dr. Boggess often has a wait list ranging from 3 to 6 months. Therefore, we invite you to get started with one of our other doctors or clinicians one-on-one depending on what you are seeking help for.

Here is a partial list of the types of conditions we treat and in the linked section descriptions of sample issues, related tests, and approximate costs:

Integrative Medical Care

  • Assessing, medical status, functional imbalances, and genetic susceptibilities in adults and children of all ages
  • Offering conventional & complimentary strategies, treating many complex and perplexing health problems
  • We utilize a wide range of conventional and complimentary testing to identify the root cause of illness
  • Personalized wellness and preventative medicine programs with life-style coaching for optimal health

Precision Approach to ALL Mood & Functional Problems

  • Stress recovery, chronic fatigue, adrenal, thyroid (HPA) imbalances
  • Chemical sensitivities, detoxification, food and environmental allergies
  • Sleep problems, depression, OCD, anxiety, addictions
  • Irritable bowel, vague digestive problems, leaky gut, chronic infections, SIBO, yeast, etc.
  • Medical weight loss programs

Comprehensive Approach to Autism, AD(H)D, and mood problems

  • Biomedical approaches, therapeutic diets, detoxification protocols
  • Medical and therapy care for special-needs children and their families
  • Guiding families to work together, supporting the entire family unit through difficulties

Women’s – Men’s Health & Hormones

  • Menopause, PMS, decreased sex drive, impotency, sexual pain
  • Male & Female hormone imbalances in patients of all ages

Perplexing Pain & Physical conditions

  • Fibromyalgia, myofascial pain, other perplexing pain conditions
  • Migraine, stress, and substance related/rebound/withdrawal type headaches
  • Injury related or functional/anatomical problems of all kinds

Addiction Care

  • Personalized biomedical & nutritional healing programs
  • Alcohol & recreational drugs (mild to moderated addictions)
  • Assistance getting of prescription medication (when appropriate and/or desired)
  • Over-the-counter analgesics, sleeping pills, diet pill addiction
  • Caffeine, nicotine, chemical sweetener addiction
  • sugar and carbohydrates addiction


Regardless if you have thyroid, adrenal or hormone problems. Autoimmune conditions. Poor digestion… or suspected infections such as chronic Lyme, viruses or yeast problems…

Regardless if you have metabolic problems inked  to MTHFR, under-methylation, chemical sensitivity, heavy metal toxicity…

Regardless if your child has been diagnosed with Autism, AD(H)D, OCD, or you or your child or dealing with any kind of mood problems, such as anxiety, depression, or cravings of any kind…

Regardless of any diagnoses you have been given, past or present… There is a next-level explanation WE would love to show you!

Patient Education Sessions

At Natural Balance we are known for our precision, individualized approach to patients, and we often boasts success helping patients and families with issues and symptoms considered unsolvable by other clinics.

Our high-level care starts with an initial 3-hour group orientation and open forum questions for new patients where we talk about the fundamentals of ‘Precision Medicine’, Nutrigenomics, and how we put it all together to tackle life-impacting symptoms and rehabilitate your health.  For years we’ve been know for the extensive educational piece one-on-one, however, this was more expensive for patients and created long wait times for new patients wanting to see us.  The Group Education Sessions, combined with subsequent dedicated one-on-one time with our doctors and clinicians has allowed us to offer an even better patient experience in a more efficient and cost effective way. The advantage of providing group educational opportunities has proven itself time and time again by increasing patient confidence, compliance, and motivation during the initial information gathering and protocol stages. It also has led to more efficient, shorter, and more cost effective follow-up visits once treatment is fully underway – a win-win for our patients and our clinic.

As a clinic committed to serving those who come to us with excellence, you can be certain we have asked for our patients opinions, and the feedback we have received has been unanimously positive since the program started in 2013. To further understand the specifics of our Group Patient Education process, please visit the New Patient section of our website for more detailed information.

Letter To New Patients

Our Approach

Our practice specializes in a “Precision” approach to functional and restorative medicine for children and adults of all ages. We are known for our comprehensive team approach, pioneering group patient process, our functional and nutrigenomic testing, and our novel perspective on difficult problems such as MTHFR, Adrenal Fatigue, Autism, mood disorders, and integrative pain management. We address the care of the whole patient utilizing both Conventional AND Integrative Medicine in our quest to treat ‘dis-ease’ and promote ‘Natural Balance.’

The keystone to our approach is to see each child or adult as unique and to avoid categorizing patients based on prevailing opinions, realizing that imbalances stem from genetic, physical, emotional, energetic and environmental factors. We see ourselves as guides and custodians, but ultimately it is the patient or family who must work towards health and balance, and it is your own body that hails as the greatest healer. In essence, we partner with patients and families to achieve health and well-being. Because our repertoire is notably broader than most medical practices we are able to lay more on the table so-to-speak for patients to consider.

As a ‘Precision Medical’ practice, treating symptoms with pharmaceutical (i.e. prescription medications) is not our main objective, yet we can and do prescribe medications when necessary to make patients comfortable and functional. However, we do not sweep problems under the drug rug, and will diligently search for the underlying weakness leading to the imbalance. Once identified, we might address problems with lifestyle coaching, nutraceutical supplements , manipulations, acupuncture, bioenergetics, hyperbarics, detoxification, bio-neuro-feedback, or any number of other modalities or approaches we believe in (Special Disclosures).

How We Can Help

Integrative Medical Care

  • Caring for adults and children, assessing genetic susceptibilities to understand symptoms and disease
  • Highly regarded group patient education sessions for new patient orientation and lab reviews
  • Offering conventional & complimentary strategies, treating problems at their source
  • Utilizing a wide range of conventional and complimentary testing to identify the root cause
  • Personalized wellness programs and life-style coaching for optimal health for the whole family

Precision Approach to Mood & Functional Problems

  • stress recovery, chronic fatigue, adrenal (HPA) imbalances
  • chemical sensitivities, detoxification, food and environmental allergies
  • sleep problems, depression, OCD, anxiety, addictions
  • irritable bowel, vague digestive problems, leaky gut, yeast overgrowth
  • autism (ASD), AD(H)D, and other pediatric mood problems (see below)

Family Approach to Autism, AD(H)D & Mood Problems

  • biomedical approaches: DAN, GAPS, therapeutic diets, detoxification
  • medical and therapy care for special-needs children and their families
  • guiding families to work together, so they can heal together
  • supporting the entire family unit holistically

Women's-Men's Health & Hormones

  • Menopause, PMS
  • Thyroid, Adrenal problems
  • Male & Female hormone imbalance

Addiction Care

  • Personalized biomedical & nutritional healing programs
  • alcohol & recreational drugs (mild to moderated addictions)
  • prescription medication (when appropriate and/or desired)
  • over-the-counter analgesics, sleeping pills, diet pills
  • caffeine, nicotine, chemical sweeteners
  • sugar, carbohydrates, weight gain

We believe that by working as a team we will provide you and your family with the best care available.


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Gastrointestinal Disorders/GAPS



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Sleep Problems & Apnea



Hormone Imbalances



Thyroid Disorders



Genetic Testing



Emotional Treatments



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Medical Weight Loss



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