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Dr. Theresa Basinger’s passion for integrative medicine was borne out of frustration after multiple pediatric providers were unable to assist with her son’s immune problems and daughter’s neurological delays. Her search culminated in joining our clinic with a passion for promoting and practicing the nutritional-biomedical medicine that ultimately helped her family.

As a Pharm D, Dr. Basinger brings a unique perspective to our clinic. Her extensive biochemistry and pharmacological knowledge positions her ideally to understand how nutraceuticals enhance and repair physiological pathways. Dr. Basinger is an integral first encounter for all of Dr. Boggess’ one-on-one and group patients. Her clinical focus is neurotransmitter imbalances, hormone & thyroid balance restoration, mitochondrial health, and methylation defects where she works closely with Dr. Boggess.  She is a committed patient advocate and thoroughly enjoys educating patients to help them fully understand their health issues and the options they have to optimize their health.

Dr. Basinger earned her pharmacy doctorate from Ohio Northern University and she has over 10 years of clinical experience in a variety of settings including hospital, retail, nursing homes and compounding pharmacies. She is married and is the proud mother of two very resilient children. In her free time she enjoys spending quality time with her family and has a passion for photography.

New Patient Bundle – Neurotransmitter Patients

Neurotransmitter Patients (aslo known as the Dr. Hinz protocols, Amino Acid Therapy, or  DBS protocol): As opposed to just  alliviating the symptoms, the DBS protocol looks to replenish those so needed neurotransmitters in a natural way. This treatment has been very successful with patients with neurotransmitter balance and Parkinsons, just to name a few.  Learn more about this amazing treatment by reading the DBS Catalog.

A new patient appointment for DBS includes:

1. Phone appointment with Dr. Basinger – chart review (30 min) - Prior to this appointment, you will have completed our online New Patient Questionnaire. The purpose of this intake will be to “hear your story,” collect important health information and get you started on any labs we may need to order. This appointment is done via phone.

2. In office visit with Dr. Boggess (60 min) - Physical evaluation and discussion of plan.

Your follow up appointments will be with Dr. Basinger, ranging between 10-30 minutes depending where in the process you are.

New Patient Bundle – Hormone Patients:

 Hormones have a powerful effect on your body and can affect many areas of your health.  Dr. Basinger has a passion for helping you feel like yourself again by working closely with Dr. Boggess and a compounding pharmacy to restore your hormone balance and thyroid function.

A New Patient Appointment for Hormones includes:

1. First visit with Dr. Basinger (60 min)  Prior to this appointment, you will have completed our online New Patient Questionnaire. The purpose of this intake will be to “hear your story,” collect important health information and get you started on any labs we may need to order. This appointment can be done via phone, video or in person.
2. Office visit with Dr. Boggess (30 min) : This visit includes a short medical exam, evaluation and assessment. You will be coming to the office on this day. For those patients driving from far, this visit can be scheduled for the same day you will be reviewing your test results with Dr. Basinger (see item 3.).
3. Lab Review with Dr. Basinger (40 min): Review your lab results with Dr. Basinger, and create treatment plan.

A typical hormone follow up with Dr. Basinger is 30 mins.

Out of State Patients

Many patients come to us from outside of Michigan, and we have the tools that allow us to successfully treat patients who are outside of our community. We have the capability to video conference for your appointments (and screen share), and are set up to mail you the product you need to the comfort of your home. But keep in mind that as an out of state patient, you need to come to our clinic in Ann Arbor – Michigan, at least one time to establish Medical care with us.

General Pricing Information

The New Patient Bundle with Dr. Basinger is $565 (there is not price difference between the 2 bundles). It includes all the visits described in each of the bundels above. The bundle however does not include any testing or follow up visits.
Additional appointments with Dr. Basinger: $290/hr prorated to the length of the appointment. For the DBS protocol, once you are undergoing treatment, a follow up is typically  10 min ($76). A typical hormone follow up with Dr. Basinger is 30 mins ($140).
Additional appointments with Dr. Boggess: $370/hr prorated to the length of the appointment.

Insurance and Codes (for billing purposes)

Natural Balance is out of network for all insurance, and we do not bill your insurance. We will provide you with a itemized superbill for every encounter with the appropriate E&M codes to submit to your insurance for reimbursement to you directly. However, please understand that we have literally given up on trying to figure out the whims of insurance and cannot guarantee you will be reimbursed. For your reference, we have included the codes and pricing we use for the New Patient Bundle and follow up visits, phone consults, et cetera to assist you with checking with your insurance company ahead of time if you wish.

New Patient Bundle Visit with Dr. Bassinger ($565):

Code      Description                                    Amount
99205    New Patient Visit                           $370.00
99354    Medical Office Visit -extra time      $195.00 

Follow up visit (example of a 30 min follow up in office appointment)

Code    Description                                              Amount
99213   Medical Office Visit (level 3)               $140.00

Follow up visit (example of a 30 min or 10 min over the phone appointment)

Code    Description                                                    Amount
99443   Medical Phone Consult (30 min)             $140.00
99442   Medical Phone Consult (10 min)             $95

On behalf of the Natural Balance Team, we hope you have found this information helpful and we look forward to working with you!

To schedule your New Patient appointment or if you have any questions, please contact our New Patient Specialist, Emily Sell, at 734-929-2696, extension 11.

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