Dr. Aarti Soorya

located in Ann Arbor, MI

About Dr. Soorya

About Dr. Soorya

Dr. Soorya is a board certified Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation physician, who alongside the rest of the Natural Balance team, combines conventional medical training with leading-edge concepts in biomedical-functional medicine. Her approaches include holistic prevention and alternatives, detoxification, physical modalities, nutritional therapy, herbs, chelation, and medications (when needed). Dr. Soorya wears many hats in our clinic including co-leading our nationally recognized Precision Medicine & Advanced Neurocare programs and supervising patients undergoing neurofeedback, hyperbaric oxygen, sleep studies, IV therapies and numerous other clinical activities.

Known for being ahead of the curve, her career path in integrative medicine began long before attending medical school as a research intern for the University of Michigan’s Integrative Medicine Program. There she observed firsthand how a comprehensive, whole person approach led to profound and life changing results for the patient’s she worked with. Recognizing the complex needs of her future patients, Dr. Soorya subsequently made mastering the intricacies of functional medicine a priority by enrolling in the Institute of Functional Medicine’s rigorous training program and seeking board certification.

During her hospital years at Washington University, Dr. Soorya received numerous accolades, including her role as Chief Resident physician and “Resident of the Year” for her work ethic, leadership qualities and excellent bedside manner.

Presently, Dr. Soorya’s passions lean towards supporting our clinic patient’s and using her numerous layers of training to inspire hope, health and happiness in the many patients who come to our clinic from all over the country.

Dr. Soorya joins us as an integral member of the Natural Balance Team. In her free time she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, Indian classical dance, travel, and yoga for her own personal development.


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