Dr. Theresa Edmunds

located in Ann Arbor, MI


About Dr. Edmunds

Theresa Edmunds is a Certified Health Counselor (CHC) by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.  She supports and educates our patients about nutrition and natural living principles. Working along side our doctors, Theresa reviews a comprehensive NutriQ assessment with most new patients in our clinic and she assists patients and parents with implementing our doctor’s recommendations, which can be a challenge for those new to functional medicine or the biomedical approach.

Theresa is known for her “common sense approach” to explaining how food and environment are affecting our health. A consultation with her yields great insights regarding the importance of organic food, good fats, avoiding GMOs, water quality, et cetera (she is our resident expert in whole home water and air filtration planning). She is also a wealth of information regarding non-toxic personal care, cleaning, building materials, cookware, and specific dietary styles.  Prior to her career in Health Counseling, Theresa trained formally as a gourmet chef at George Brown College in Toronto which has allowed her to develop many healing recipes including healing bone broths, and fermented pro-biotic foods.

Theresa is a sought after educator and offers workshops on a variety of health related topics. She teaches continuing education health classes at Monroe Community College and writes a weekly news column, titled, “Food for Thought” for The News Herald newspaper. She is married with a young son and three grown daughters. In her free time, she enjoys traveling with her family, reading, cooking, and Paleo baking.


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