Dr. Yvonne Berry

located in Ann Arbor, MI


About Dr. Berry

Dr. Yvonne Berry is a board certified Family Medicine Physician who developed impressive skills and knowledge related to Biotoxin Illness as a result of her own personal struggles. After recognizing the impact of environmental factors on her own health, Dr. Berry compiled information on Mold and Biotoxin Illness into a training manual based on the work of Dr. Ritche Shoemaker, a renowned Biotoxin Illness Specialist, and has been recognized for effectively whittling this complex topic into educational material for physicians and patients alike. She is now ideally poised to help adult and pediatric patients navigate the complexities of this condition.

As background, Dr. Berry grew up in Southfield, Michigan, attained a Bachelors in Biology from Wayne State University, and went on to complete her Medical Doctorate at Wayne State University School of Medicine. In 2001, she completed her Family Medicine training at William Beaumont Hospital and earned her Board Certification. Following her training, she briefly worked at an alternative health care clinic offering holistic medical care and accepted a non-faculty teaching position within her residency program. Due to chronic and debilitating symptoms, later found to be related to Biotoxin Illness, Dr. Berry took a sabbatical from patient care to care for herself and her three young boys. During this time, she received treatment and advice from multiple physicians without much progress. It eventually seemed obvious that a different approach was necessary. After much prayer and consideration, Dr. Berry decided to come under the care of Dr. Boggess. However, even Dr. Boggess’ typically-successful approach wasn’t bringing recovery, which ultimately led to their co- discovery of Biotoxin Illness and Ritchie Shoemaker’s books and training materials. Over the course of a couple years, Dr. Berry intently studied the clinical research and treatment protocols of Dr. Shoemaker. She authored a presentation titled ‘A Physician’s Guide to Understanding Treating Biotoxin Illness, Based on the work of Dr. Shoemaker.’ This comprehensive presentation is available for purchase on his Dr. Shoemaker’s website, for physicians and patients alike.  Dr. Berry uses Dr. Shoemaker’s protocol exclusively for managing Biotoxin Illness. This step-by-step process has proven to help many of our patients with CIRS (Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome) due to mold toxicity. Dr. Berry truly enjoys teaching patients and finds great satisfaction in helping them regain their health from this perplexing and debilitating illness.

She and her husband reside in the metro Detroit area with their three school-aged sons.

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