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The Natural Balance Wellness Medical Center of Ann Arbor, Michigan, specializes in functional and restorative medicine for adults and children. Established in 2008 by Dr. and Mrs. Tony Boggess, they are known nationally for natural, genetic-based, integrative medicine.

Using the Precision Medicine model, their approach to health care does not rely solely on a patient’s symptoms but incorporates an understanding of the whole person, including their genetics, nutrition, and neurological health. This allows for a more customized, patient-specific approach to providing care.

The Natural Balance Wellness Medical Center specializes in offering alternative, natural, and genetic-based approaches to complex patient diagnoses. They utilize extensive diagnostic and genetic testing to identify the imbalances of the body and create treatment plans specific to each patient.

With their focus on functional medicine, which emphasizes treatments that focus on the optimal functioning of the whole body, they strive to look for approaches that have every part of a person in mind. Their treatment plans do not focus simply on symptoms or diagnosis, but seek to correct the imbalances that are causing a person’s health problems.

Once a diagnosis is made, a personalized plan of care is created that may include extensive education, lifestyle coaching, nutritional supplements, acupuncture, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, bioenergetics, detoxification, and neurofeedback — among other alternative treatments.

Natural Balance Wellness Medical Center is nationally known for their education-based health programs, specialized approach to genetic-based health care, and their anti-aging and preventive medicine programs. They are especially passionate about working with special-needs children and families who have been impacted by developmental disorders, such as autism, Asperger syndrome, ADD, and ADHD.

For a personalized assessment and treatment plan unique to you and your needs, call Natural Balance Wellness Medical Center or book an appointment online.

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