Adrenal (HPA) Stress & Recovery Testimonials


Adrenal Fatigue: Last year I took my my teenage son to see Dr. Boggess on advice from my brother. After spending 90 minutes with us, Dr. Boggess lovingly said “I think you need my help as much as your son does from all the stress you’ve experienced.” That was the beginning of getting my life back! After initial testing, we discovered I suffered from Adrenal Exhaustion, which we figured, based on symptoms, I had been suffering in one form or the other for over 25 years. My life has changed so much for the better now. With natural strategies, he helped me get off Prozac which I had been taking for 15 years. I am now able to get up at 5:30 every morning and face a hectic day, whereas before I could hardly pull myself out of bed by 11:00. I have more energy than ever, and I have new hope for my future. I really can’t believe all he has done and continues to do for our family.

*Cynthia K. – Dearborn, Michigan

Severe Insomnia: After only a few short weeks of working with Dr. Boggess my sleep had improved dramatically. I am now waking with vigor, the quality of sleep is carrying me longer through my days, and I began to vividly dream again. After years of poor sleep I am very grateful for the natural sleep repair strategies he uses with his patients.

*Libby S. – Ann Arbor, Michigan

Anxiety & Insomnia: I am so grateful that I was finally able to address anxiety and long-term sleep problems without the use of prescription medications! Multiple doctors had asked me to start medication, but I knew there were alternatives if I only found the right doctor to help me. Since starting several regimens prescribed by Dr. Boggess, my mood has improved significantly and I’m getting plenty of deep and restful sleep. I am so thankful to the entire team at Natural Balance for helping me lift the cloud of anxiety and stress that dominated my life for so long.

*Melissa M – Ada, Ohio

Headaches, Fatigue, Digestive Upset: At the suggestion of a good friend in Oregon, we consulted with Dr. Boggess about my husbands worsening headaches, fatigue, digestive problems,alcohol cravings, and failing health. He is a stressed executive in the California and has been progressively falling apart. After one face to face with Dr. Boggess and a few phone consults he has done more for my husband and our family than a half a dozen standard and alternative doctors in So Cal over the last 5 years. Can’t comment on the cost of his testing, we had come to his clinic with far more tests than he said he needed that cost us a small fortune. But the most blessed fact is that he truly knows what do with the results and he is truly passionate about pulling people out of the dumps–that was clear in the first half hour. We have never spent that kind of time with a doctor who can explain everything in simple language we could understand. What we leaned in that first visit gave my husband so much hope and motivation to heal. We are now 5 “steps” into his treatment plan, my husband is doing everything Dr. Boggess has asked him to do (which is a small miracle itself) and he’s like a new man!!! Every other doctor we dealt with scratched the surface with a few supplements and wanted to see us every 2-3 months. We were amazed that after our 3 month wait Dr. Boggess told us he would be talking briefly over the phone with us every two weeks until Dan felt better! Apparently he limits his practice to be able to do this. We are so grateful for everything this clinic has done for us!!!

*Patty C – Rialto, California

Autoimmune & Malnourishment: After a spider bite and struggling for 3 years with an autoimmune disease which left me with 2 large non-healing sores on each leg, severe malnutrition, anemia and the need for frequent blood transfusions, I was on the verge of giving up. Then in 2012 I found Natural Balance and starting working with Dr. Boggess and his team after all the conventional medical stuff had been tried. I was still severely ill and weak and I needed a new approach to bring me around. Dr. Boggess ordered multiple tests taking a close look at my nutritional status. After 4 months of focused supplements, in-home hyperbaric oxygen treatments, and a far better understanding of what was behind my failing health, I have started to see remarkable improvements. Today, my legs are nearly fully healed, my weight is stable, and I haven’t needed iron infusions or blood transfusions for several months. Overall I feel so much more energy and better health! I am so thankful for the time and attention I received from everyone at Natural Balance Clinic. I would not be in my current state of recovery without them. The staff of this clinic, doctors, psychologist, nutritionist, and the hyperbarics team really work together to help people with difficult problems (like me) get to the root cause and heal!!! I would recommend them to anyone with complex problems that aren’t getting better with conventional treatments.

Jane H Esq.(Law) - Ann Arbor, MI

My life has significantly improved: Going through Brainwave Optimization has been a transformative experience for me in the following ways: improved sleep, diminished anxiety and reactivity to stress, decrease desire/tolerance for caffeine and alcohol, diminished hot flashes, increased ability to concentrate and read, and an overall increased joy of life!  I really appreciate Day’s calm demeanor and assistance with visualizations during the sessions.

Chris M., Parish R.N - Michigan

I have my life back: I had been suffering with chronic pain and chronic fatigue for three years.  During that time, I had been on multiple medications and had done both biofeedback and neurofeedback …nothing was working.  I knew there had to be something else out there so I began to search the internet; that’s when I learned about about Brainwave Optimization.  I was thrilled to find this service in Ann Arbor!  Day is an Angel, she never gave up on me.   It has taken me just over one year, but I can now take short bike rides with my family and play with my children. I have my life back! 

Kristen B.,  Ann Arbor

My Brain Fog has lifted: Before Brainwave Optimization, I was feeling very worn down and drinking a pot of coffee every day just so that I could stay awake, alert and focused at the office.  After having completed my sessions, I’ve noticed that my brain fog has lifted!  Now, I only drink one cup of coffee in the morning.  Working with Day has been great and she is happy to accommodate my after-work hours.

Andrew B. – Ann Arbor

Fatigue and Digestion Problems: After being very ill for over two years due to severe stress and everything from migraines to digestion problems and hypoglycemia, I have made great strides being under treatment with Dr. Boggess. He is addressing my hypoglycemia and my adrenal exhaustion. My hypoglycemia is stabilizing and my headaches are dramatically improved. I am so excited to be healthy again. Thanks!

Cara B - Troy, Michigan

Frequent Migraines: NAET has been such a blessing to me and my family.  For more than 10 years I would get frequent migraines, complete with an aura, nausea, and light/sound sensitivity – the kind that put me on the couch for at least a day, with a “headache hangover” the next.  After completing NAET’s Basic 15 and then working on items specific to my needs, Jenna was able to identify and treat me for several migraine triggers.  I’m so delighted to be able to say it has now been months since I had even a bad headache, let alone a migraine!  I’m very thankful for the dedication and compassion of Dr. Boggess, Jenna, and the staff at Natural Balance.

Julie L. - Bay City, Michigan

Severe Insomnia: After only a few short weeks of working with Natural Balance my sleep had improved dramatically. I am now waking with vigor, the quality of sleep is carrying me longer through my days, and I began to vividly dream again. After years of poor sleep I am very grateful for the natural sleep repair strategies he uses with his patients.

Libby S. - Ann Arbor, Michigan

Anxiety & Insomnia: I am so grateful that I was finally able to address anxiety and long-term sleep problems without the use of prescription medications! Multiple doctors had asked me to start medication, but I knew there were alternatives if I only found the right doctor to help me. Since starting several regimens prescribed by Dr. Boggess, my mood has improved significantly and I’m getting plenty of deep and restful sleep. I am so thankful to the entire team at Natural Balance for helping me lift the cloud of anxiety and stress that dominated my life for so long.

Melissa M - Ada, Ohio

Autims/Hyperbaric Oxygen: At first the idea of bringing a Hyperbaric Chamber to our home was beyond unusual. However, not trying a treatment that might help our son was also out of the question! Having the HBOT, or “Rocket,” as my son now calls it, in our home changed our lives. My son’s speech and “autistic” behaviors significantly improved in the first couple of weeks, as did his social awareness. When the rental period was over and the HBOT was leaving our home it was a sad day indeed. We all wanted it to stay, including my son. Every treatment (dive) introduced just a little more “Joey” to us! He was a different boy day by day, week by week….from the little things like more eye contact, to huge events like hearing “good morning mom” for the first time. We simply can’t believe all the improvements that resulted that month. We are so grateful for the medical assistance and individualized regimens of supplements prescribed during Joey’s intensive use of HBOT that we believe made our trial a huge success. We are now purchasing our own chamber…

Michelle & Joe Sr. - Newport, Michigan

Frustrated with the “system”: As I continue to be discounted by so many physician “specialists” I can’t tell you how grateful I am that I found Dr. Boggess. I am grateful that they look at the whole person, instead of the numbers. Patient’s aren’t and never have been numbers on reference scales, nor are we subject to only fitting  into predominant dogmas of illness care. We are people! These are two rare practitioners in today’s health care environment where reference numbers and patient volumes are more important than the individuals reporting suffering and need for help. Without Natural Balance, I personally do not know where I would be today.

As background, I have been a professional in the traditional medical services for 30 years, in roles of administration, ownership as well as hands- on care and it is very disheartening for me to watch the segmentation, alienation and disintegration of today’s health care system. What Natural Balance has done to give me back my quality of life has worked and that is so much more important to me than what any so-called “specialists” or medical dogma says about my adrenal fatigue. The objective for tomorrow should be integrated care and team work between physician and patient. This clinic is the way it should be… Thank You so Much for Your Care and Support

Pamela F. RN - Indianapolis, Indiana. Former: Director of Alternative Services, St. Francis Hospital Center, Indianapolis, IN; Director of Outpatient Services, St. Joseph Hospital, Kokomo, IN; Owner and COO, Indiana Home Health Care Network, Anderson, IN; Vice President of Patient Services, Community Home Health Care Network, Kokomo, IN; Owner and Vice President of Patient Services, The Home Health Care Network, Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Aggressive Behavior and Anxiety: To be honest, when I heard about NAET I thought it sounded pretty strange.  My husband and I read Dr. Devi’s book “Say Goodbye to Allergies” and decided to give it a try for our 9-year old son. For years he had a lot of aggression and irritability, anxiety and very labile mood. We had no idea if he was having reactions to food or anything else; we just knew we needed to try something else.  We started treating for the NAET Basics with Jenna and things went very slow at first…hard to tell if NAET was helping, but we stayed with it.  Towards the end of the Basics we started seeing huge improvements in his mood and ability to tolerate foods without any negative reaction.  We’ve completed several additional treatments since the Basics and now the “norm” for him is a pleasant mood, no anxiety, aggression or irritability…except on the rare occasion when he’s reacting to something and I am usually able to figure out what that is.  We have more work we would like to do with NAET in order to clear some additional food sensitivities and to help with his attention/focus but we can now say that NAET absolutely works.

Trent R. - Northville, Michigan

Seasonal Allergies: My 14-year old daughter old suffered from seasonal allergies.  The Allergist recommended that we start allergy shots immediately and we left the office with an EpiPen for emergencies.  I searched for alternative treatments and found NAET at Natural Balance Wellness Center.  During the Basic NAET treatments with Jenna, her symptoms lessened and once we completed the treatments all of her symptoms were gone.  She has remained allergy free for the past two allergy seasons.

Maria D. - Ann Arbor, Michigan

Twins with developmental delay: We first met Dr. Boggess in the spring of 2010, a couple months after our son had been diagnosed with autism at age two and a half. At that time, he avoided eye contact with everyone, including us (his parents), engaged in stereotypical behaviors, such as hand flapping, spinning, rocking, covering his ears, tantrums, chronic constipation, completely non verbal, and was all around unaware. He was immediately started on a gluten/casein/soy free diet and Methyl B-12 injections. Immediately we saw drastic changes in his behavior. Within days, he was no longer constipated, which led to a huge drop in tantrums since he was not in pain anymore. We noticed more awareness very soon. We went on to add several supplements that his body obviously needed. At this point, he stopped rocking, and now makes TONS of eye contact, 3 out of 5 times that I call his name he looks (this used to be 0 out of 5), and he is so much more aware and is now trying to get the words out

We also have a daughter, (a twin) who, while not Autistic, had problems too. She was almost 3 and not talking at all and would not even feed herself. Dr. Boggess decided to start her on a series of strong nutritional supplememts. He said that if it was going to do anything for her, things would start happening quickly. We started her on it on a Saturday. By the following Thursday, she picked up a spoon and started feeding herself. She also started talking. Now she doesn’t ever stop. Dr. Boggess has recommended this same for my son. So far, he is babbling twice as much and is starting to have pop out words.

We have no doubt that Dr. Boggess’s intervention have been the key to our children’s success thus far. He genuinely cares about our family’s well-being. At this point, we know that we are going to do whatever we can to bring our son back, and so is Dr. Boggess.

"Two Happy Parents" - Westland, Michigan

Life-long Eczema: After NAET treatments my eczema is gone!  I spent my lifetime going to dermatologists, eliminating common skin irritants, and avoiding many foods.  This only made the rash tolerable at best.  Last year I was determined not to put any more cortisone on my skin or take any more Benadryl for the itching. After trying everything, I was skeptical to try NAET.  Without shots, creams, or pills, how could this possibly cure me? Well, after only 6 treatments it was clear that this was working.  I am now eczema free.  Thank you Jenna!

Sara D. - Ann Arbor, Michigan

Autism – improved speech: Our son was diagnosed to be on Autism Spectrum when he was 4 1/2. We tried many biomedical interventions, speech therapy, occupational therapy, and various restrictive diets. Dr. Boggess suggested that hyperbaric therapy was the next reasonable step given multiple positive responses thus far. We rented a chamber from Natural Balance for 1 month and made sure he underwent two separate dives per day, an hour long each.  It was a big time commitment, but we were hopeful it would pay off–and it did!  The advances we saw with the home oxygen therapy were phenomenal!  Prior to HBOT, our son was not able to use the phonetic sound “yuh”. We had been working with a speech therapist for over 2 years on these issues but had made no progress.  While undergoing HBOT, we continued daily speech therapy exercises. His speech therapist was amazed!!!  He also stopped wetting the bed at night, which Dr. Boggess attributed to improvement in his sensory sensitivities. The light switch had finally turned on for our son in these areas!  All of these gains have held after several months. We are very pleased with the progress he achieved using home HBOT — money and time well spent for our son.

Dr. Yvonne & "a very thankful family" - Westland, Michigan

Autism: The Natural Balance staff, Dena, and Dr. Boggess continue to guide our family towards our best options for recovering our son. It needs to be said that when our son was diagnosed with Autism “the whole family was diagnosed” as Dr. Boggess puts it. This clinic really strives to treat the whole family and we are very glad we found them.

M&J - Waterford, Michigan

Chronic headaches, stomachaches, and nausea: I started taking my 10-year old daughter in for NAET because she was having chronic headaches accompanied by stomachaches and nausea.  These symptoms affected her daily life and her ability to play with other children.  With Traditional Medicine doctors, she was sent for many tests, given different diet plans to follow, and given pain medicine for the discomfort.  After treating the Basic 15 and a few additional treatments focusing on digestive enzymes and sugar digestion, she was free of headaches, stomachaches, and nausea.  Now she does not have to avoid any foods or common allergens and hasn’t needed any pain relievers.  She has remained symptom free since the treatments ended over a year ago.

Sofia D. - Ann Arbor, Michigan


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