Dr. Tony Boggess

located in Ann Arbor, MI


About Dr. Boggess

Dr. Tony Boggess is a Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R) physician, speaker, and writer who specializes in Nutritional and Biomedical Rehab for adults and children. He and his wife, Lilian founded Natural Balance Wellness Medical Center, which has developed into a nationally-recognized center known for its individualized and multi modal approach to patients.

Dr. Boggess earned his Doctorate from Midwestern University in Chicago, completed his specialty training at the University of Michigan, and earned additional certification in Medical Acupuncture through Stanford University. He has a long list of academic accolades, including the Army Medal of Achievement and many letters, lists, and honors related to his undergraduate and graduate careers. As a physician, he has received multiple Patient Choice and Compassionate Care nominations and awards since the clinic first opened its doors in 2008.

Known for his pioneering approach to assessing genetic predisposition, Dr. Boggess is the visionary back bone to the center’s “Precision Medicine & Advanced NeuroCare” programs, attracting patients to Ann Arbor from all over the US and abroad. Recognized for its reputation for addressing perplexing illness, the Natural Balance Wellness Medical Center is able to boast successes in helping patients and families with problems considered unsolvable, or otherwise not fully addressed by other doctors and clinics.

As the medical director of Natural Balance, Dr. Boggess is interested in a wide variety of clinical approaches, but he especially enjoys leading patient education sessions for his Precision Medicine clinics. He is passionate about teaching and his enthusiasm rains through in his style of facilitating both small and large group seminars. He also has a special affinity for working with families, especially those with struggling children, and he strives to help them understand their genetics as a unit. His story is a labor of love and the novel programs and medical center he has created were born from overcoming his own personal health challenges and professional frustrations. We invite you to learn more about this by reading his chapter in Jack Canfield’s best selling book The Road to Success.

His professional mission can be summarized as an effort to educate patients and the public about genomics and other novel approaches to health and healing through his medical center and video clinics. He also assists other healthcare professionals, doctors, and clinics to provide patient-centered education services through his third party consulting company.


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