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Medical dental wellness is a major component of your overall well-being. The experienced team at Natural Balance Wellness Medical Center in Ann Arbor, Michigan, can help you overcome dental issues like mercury fillings and sleep apnea using the most natural techniques possible. Use online booking now, or call the center to schedule your appointment today.

Medical Dental Wellness Q & A

What type of dental issues can the doctor help with?

This treatment system is specially designed to help you eliminate mercury from amalgam fillings, including actual filling removal through a cooperating mercury-free dentist. The team can work with you before the fillings are removed to strengthen your body for the procedure. After the fillings are gone, the providers evaluate your current toxicity level and help you with an individualized detox protocol.

Other issues that can be addressed include dental problems stemming from root canals, composite fillings, and sleep apnea.

What happens during my first dental wellness visit?

During your first visit to Natural Balance Wellness Medical Center, you'll meet with a physician to discuss your medical history, followed by a physical exam. Your doctor recommends necessary testing to check how much mercury is in your body. Some of the tests that you may need include:

Mercury tri-test

This test checks your hair, urine, and blood to measure mercury levels.

Fecal mercury test

You may be slowly eliminating mercury in your stool, and this test measures that quantity with a small stool sample.

Urine mercury challenge

The urine mercury challenge occurs while you use two chelating agents, dimercaptosuccinic acid (DMSA) and dimercapto propanesulfonic acid (DMPS), to get an accurate measurement of the total mercury in your body. The urine mercury challenge includes two samples, one of which establishes your baseline before chelation and the other which checks your urine after the chelating agents have a chance to infuse your body. In this way, the urine mercury challenge reveals how much mercury the chelation therapy is able to eliminate.

Genetics test

Genetics testing is optional, but your doctor may recommend it based on your medical history and current health. It can evaluate which mercury detoxification pathway will most likely work best for you.

Basic lab test

A basic lab test includes a complete blood count as well as a comprehensive metabolic panel.

Your Natural Balance Wellness Medical Center doctor can customize your testing based on your history, your current concerns, and your personal preferences.

What happens during mercury removal and detoxification treatments?

With all of your test results in hand, your doctor can create a custom schedule of treatments for you. The entire treatment process usually lasts around a year for many patients, but depends on your body’s mercury load and detoxification process.

You’ll be given oral chelation during the detoxification, along with supplements to support your body during the process. During your follow up visits, you'll review urine challenge testing results with your doctor to keep track of your progress in eliminating mercury from your body.

If you’re concerned about mercury toxicity, use online booking or call to arrange your visit to Natural Balance Wellness Medical Center today.

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